Return Policy:

All parts on our website (including TV Lamps and PCB Boards) are fully tested and guaranteed to be in 100% working order upon arrival. Your item is covered by our 2 month warranty should an issue arise with that item.

Please note, that as the purchaser of the electronic part, you are accepting the role of the technician in properly diagnosing your TV & installing the part. We do not accept exchanges or refunds for the following reasons:

  • You misdiagnosed your TV, and now realize you need a different part for the repair. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns due to misdiagnosis. In some cases, the incorrect diagnosis and the replacement of the wrong part may cause other parts in the TV to fail. This means we would effectively have to throw out the part as opposed to giving it to a different customer.
  • You purchased the wrong part #, and it is not compatible with your TV. Prior to checkout, we have a check box stating that you VERIFIED that your part # is identical to the part you are purchasing, and are sure you have diagnosed the TV properly. Once a customer puts a part inside their TV, we cannot accept that part being returned for resale.

Important Notes:

  • Please only order by part number: Make sure the part # printed on your item is IDENTICAL to the part # in the listing title. Some TV models may use more than one part # inside that model, so it is important that you replace your part with an identical part.
  • Ordering parts based on matching model # and / or board #s will result in ordering the wrong part for your TV.
  • All images presented on our website are images of an actual parts.
  • Before placing your order, please compare your part to the picture, to ensure your part is identical (connectors and components should be in the same layout).

If you have any questions / concerns, you can contact us prior to checkout at 1-888-532-0544 or 905-532-0544.